I'm Alison Liddic

Business/Focus Coach

Reconnecting you to Passion & Purpose in business

Flourishing Business Jumpstart

Our jumpstart program is perfect for business owners who are feeling overwhelmed or just loss of direction in business & life. You will have a renewed focus & vision for your business, not to mention more time for other important things in life. This is only for business owners that are serious and not afraid to put in the work! If you don't have great work ethic, this will not work for you.  If you do, then let's talk!

Flourishing Business VIP

The VIP Program is only for business owners that are serious about growth and who are open to feedback. We will work together and brainstorm ideas that will challenge you to keep your business growing. You will also be working through the Flourishing Business material but will be working with me on a VIP level. So if you need more one on one support and accountability, then click the Let's Talk button today!

 Helping you to

Reconnect with PASSION & PURPOSE

Running a business – keeping up with your personal responsibilities – making sure things are running the way they need to be – keeping up with business…. So many women find themselves in a place where they are in complete OVERWHELM trying to make everything work!  Waking up in the morning & almost having a feeling of dread!  

When we've been so focused on making everything function as it should & growing our businesses, sometimes we lose connection to the reason behind why we started doing this in the first place.  The good news is… it can be fixed! 

My clients have a renewed focus on their PURPOSE and the PASSION they had when they started.   If you want to make this happen for you too, click the button below.

Clear Vision

Re-establish or create for the first time, a Vision for your business that supports your pourpose.

Support System

Exact plan to be sure you have the exact people you need as part of your support system in your business.

Stress Management

Identify stress causing factors and create an action plan to eliminate each one!

Strategic Planning

Develop a strategic business plan to support your goals and vision for the business & implementation support.

Who is This For?

This is exclusively for WOMEN who run their own business or who are entrepreneurs at heart looking to start their business. This is for WOMEN who have lost that feeling of excitement about their business OR women that are so busy with the day to day that you are living in complete overwhelm.  This is also for WOMEN that are just starting their businesses and want to make sure they get it right from the starting line.

The Shared Cup Podcast

This podcast was created as a way for women to share where they have experienced the overflowing love of God in their life with other women.  At the last supper, Jesus poured the wine into his cup and passed it around for all of them to share.  This podcast is a reflection of that.  God pours into each one of us & we want to have the chance to share with others! All of us can learn from the experiences of other women & we can also be encouraged through the hope of their story! Check out The Shared Cup and let us know if you ever want to be a guest or if you know of anyone that you think would be great for our show!  I pray that this show is a blessing to your life!

About Me

My name is Alison Liddic.  I have been married to my husband Tony for 19 years. We have 3 beautiful teenage daughters together.  I have always been an entrepreneur at heart my whole life & have started multiple businesses with my husband from scratch.

God has truly gifted me to be able to see the big picture vision & see the steps that need to be take to make that vision happen.  This is something I have been helping clients with for years! 

It truly is my passion to help bring passion and purpose back to my clients businesses that not only results in financial growth, but their quality of life is completely transformed! 


"Alison has been amazing!! She has helped me breakdown my business into sections and really process each one. So many unanswered questions are easily being answered. She really helps you find the “why” In what you are doing. You may find out some very interesting facts that you didn’t realize before about yourself and your business. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I give her 5 stars because her vision is clear, her heart is in the right place and she truly wants to see you thrive and succeed." ~ Tina T.

"I just have to share how amazingly gifted this woman is! Not only does she help to motivate you, she is inspiring! We can do anything we set our mind to right, unless we are overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin, that’s where Alison comes in. She will help YOU make your dream become a reality. I’ve not had a true business of my own before, although I feel I’m being called to start something new. Alison has played a huge role in me knowing the first steps to take. Thank you Alison for sharing your God given, inspiring gift with all of us!" ~ Brynn C.

"She's got a brilliant mind when it comes to sorting through all the BS online these days and getting to what actually matters and makes the fastest impact on results.

And a little secret you may already know (or not) is that knowing your purpose for your business and having clarity around it, allows you to grow your business with joy and excitement.

She's great at helping you figure that out too!" ~ Anthony S.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

If you are ready to see things change in your business and in your personal life then let's get started!! But, please know, this does take work from you. So, if you don't consider yourself to be a hard worker and an action taker then this is not going to work for you.

If you are ready to take action and are open to coaching, then girl, what are you waiting for? Let's do this!

Don't Wait Any Longer. Get Back On The Path To Passion & Purpose!